Can you clean your carpets too much? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Can you clean your carpets too much? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Can you clean your carpets too much? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


  1. Can you clean too much –  Truthfully, the latest carpets manufactures tell us carpets are more resistant and resilient than ever. Advanced steam cleaning technologies are safe and effective. This tells us that your carpet is not in any risk of damage from professional cleaning too much. The methods used by TLC  Carpet Care are gentile to your carpet, while hard of soils and stubborn stains. In fact, steam cleaning every six months extends the life and look of carpet.
  2. Fibers shrinkage– This could happen with wool carpets of natural fibers, if carpets are over saturated or cleaning solution is too high. Thou the majority many carpets are made with synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon, so shrinking is not a risk at all. If you do have carpet with natural fibers, it may require dry cleaning to avoid shrinking which TLC Carpet Care is certified to handle.
  3. Getting dirty faster – If your carpet seems to get dirty quickly after it’s cleaned, that means one of two possibilities. One, whoever cleaned your carpets left soap in your carpet that is attracting more of a residue. or two you simply are not taking care of your carpets after they've been professionally cleaned. We can help you clean your carpets and make them look new, buts its your job to care for them post cleaning. 

That’s why it is so important to have IICRC educated carpet cleaning experts like TLC Carpet Care clean your carpets for you. We know the right carpet cleaning solutions to use, and how to properly rinse them. We know how to steam clean your carpets effectively and preserve their look and feel.

So NO, you can't clean your carpets too much, the reality is most Castle Rock homeowners don't clean their carpets enough. If you have additional questions would be happy to address any concerns you may have. Please give us a call at 720-314-0178 or visit us at for more information on, Can you clean your carpets too much. 

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