Vacuuming Carpet Cleaning Maintenance : Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Vacuuming Carpet Cleaning Maintenance : Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Vacuuming Carpet Cleaning Maintenance: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

When it comes to maintaining your carpets Dirt Destroys your carpets! Tracked in dirt and chemicals is the number one destroyer of carpet fibers.. You can walk on a clean nylon, wool, berber carpet forever and it will continue to look and perform like new with regular vacuuming maintenance, but if you neglect your carpets that same carpet becomes soiled, worn, it will start to diminish. Having carpet cleaning is not the only way to maintain a healthy carpet but also vacuuming.

Carpeting is like a filer it will  hide soil, and other contamination  but its sandpaper like quality will cause damage. Soil has nitrogen in it and hinders the carpet’s natural resilience (the ability to bounce back) allowing the carpet yarns to become distorted and worn out. Fine gritty rocks and soil will actually tears at the the fibers when walked on, causing the carpet to look dull and worn

Regular maintenance vacuuming between carpet cleaning appointments twice a week is the main way to keep a carpet free of dirt and soil keep your carpets looking like new. Here are some suggestions TLC Carpet Care In Castle rock Co has for making the most of your vacuuming and keeping your carpets looking great.

1. Vacuum Twice a week. Schedule a bi- weekly vacuuming and if possible vacuum more often in high traffic areas, like hallways entry ways and family rooms.

2. Focus on Traffic patterns areas. When you are vacuuming feel free to take your time the areas of carpet that are rarely walked on. Focus your time and energy on the heavily used traffic areas and any entry from hard surface areas onto the carpet. Carpet manufacturers like Shaw Industires recommend that you go over these areas slowly 2 to 3 times. Embedded soil take more work to remove than surface dust.

3. Empty Vacuum Bag Every Time You Clean. Research have found that a vacuum cleaners efficiency is reduced by at least 60% as soon as the waste bag becomes half full. Keeping it empty will help with the extraction power.

Vacuuming isn’t something we look forward to doing but when you stick to a biweekly plan think about how much your carpet fibers would benefit from vacuum maintenance. If you can keep those fibers clean and free of abrasive dirt, they will look good and last for a years to come.

When it comes to Vacuuming Carpet Cleaning Maintenance if you have any questions or concerns call TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co 720.314.0178