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Carpet Cleaning Tips on Vacuuming in Castle Rock, Co

Carpet Cleaning Tip on Vacuuming

Hi Everyone its Kyle with TLC Carpet Care. Today Im going to discuss vacuuming tips as a part of your Carpet Cleaning Maintance. Most people don't vacuum enough. So how much is too much? Well I vacuum everyday. No I'm not kidding. Of course I have two young boys who's activity requires this. So know you can't Vacumm to much. The one thing to help determine your vacuuming frequency is the amount of activity and traffic in your home. if you have kids or pets at least vacuum twice a week. if your a senior or empty nester then you can vacumm less frequently. Don't make the mistake of thinking that if it doesn't look dirty that its not. Carpets act like filters that hide a lot of stuff. Also dirts abrasive,its like sandpaper slowly gringing away your carpet fibers. Also at least once a  month vacuum the edges of your room. Most  people never do this and as a result in a few years you start to develope what we call soil infiltration. Once this develops it can be very hard if not impossible for even professional cleaners to reverse. Last thought if someone in your home is dealing with alllergies vacuuming becomes even more paramount, as all kinds of pollens can get traped in your carpets. I hope this has become helpful to you, If you have any other questions feel free to call.

Kyle Dillon

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