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Carpet Stretching and Repair: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO


Carpet Stretching and Repair: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock C0

  • Stain Patching – Some stains can be permanent and can be quite the eye soar when in the wrong place and instead of replacing the entire room and thats if that carpet is even still available Patching that spot could be an option!  Our experienced technicians are specially trained at patching areas of carpets to help with this eye soar. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co  is certified to appropriately identify the type of carpet you have and have the experience and skill to a successful carpet repair.
  • Carpet Stretching Buckled areas – Carpets may need stretching because they have tightened or loosened with age. Most of the time its due to poor installation. We stretch the carpet to remove the excess buckling, removing any excess carpet, for a smooth looking surface.
  • Carpet replacing – Accidents happen. Things like a bleach spill or dye stains from kool aid to makeup stains and simple wear and tear over time can cause an area of carpet to be in too oxidized of a condition to clean. In these cases, the best form of carpet replacing. We install new carpets in homes with the most professional care.
  • Seam repairs and cutting – Loose edges are a major tripping hazard especially on stairs. We remove and replace carpet edges that have become loose or frayed. We cut the excess off so they are straight and flat, stretch the carpet to fit, then reattach against the wall for a safe, smooth edge.
  • Emergency Water Removal – When you have a  flood in your home  it is critical to call out a carpet cleaning company to get the carpet extracted quickly. Soaked carpet can cause  mold and mildew and also holds moisture against flooring materials beneath the carpets and also in the padding When you call TLC  Carpet care in Castle Rock Co we will schedule a tech to  get to you fast and work on the drying out process as soon as possible.
  • For all your Carpet Stretching and Repair call TLC Carpet Care at 720.314.0178