Carpet Restretching, Repair and Cleaning: Castle Rock Co

Carpet Restretching, Repair and Cleaning: Castle Rock Co

Carpet Restretching, Repair and Cleaning: Castle Rock Co

When it comes to your carpets eventually they will show signs of buckling or what ripples. This is a sign that your carpets are not properly secure within the tack strips and have become loose. What causes this condition? Well there can be multiple factors such as running on the carpets or moving and dragging heavy furniture across the carpets but the number one cause is poor installation. Its a common problem within the installation industry. Especially among new home builders. the home builders subcontract out all there carpet installation and these crews just use knee kicks to install the carpets. Especially with the heavier nylon carpets this will become a major problem within as soon as the first year.

Your carpets may not look loose but if you have them cleaned and then they buckle up, this is a result of the carpets soak ing up the moisture and because its not properly secure it expands. This is not an error on the carpet cleaning tech but a symptom of the underlying problem. Take relief in the fact that the carpets will lay back down when they dry, but at some point when they begin to ripple on there own you need to call TLC Carpet Care and have them correct this problem with your carpets.

Properly installed carpets require a power stretcher. At TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co we not only just provide professional carpet cleaning we also will inspect your carpets for ripples and other damages. 

If your carpets are beginning to show ripples you'll want to have it repaired as soon as possible. letting it go unresolved will only make things worse and also cause the backing of the carpets to weaken over time.

If your stairs are loose this is not only a problem but a danger for you and your family as they could slip and fall as a result of the carpets being loose.

Having the carpets professionally steam cleaned will also be beneficial after have the carpets restretched as this will relax the backing of the carpets. 

TLC Carpet care has carpet repair tech with the experience and expertise to handle all carpet repairs.

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