Zero Residue In Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Zero Residue In Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Zero Residue In Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co 

Castle Rock clients asked us this question all the time. What does Zero residue mean or no soap carpet cleaning?

What this means is that the TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co does not use any carpet cleaning detergents, or any other chemicals that will leave a high ph residue in your carpet. That is because anytime you put a carpet cleaning soap in your carpet it raises the ph of your carpets and they get dirtier quicker. As we already know carpets are designed to hide dirt you can't see. So when cheap carpet cleaning companies apply their detergents it is common complaint that carpets get dirty much quicker than they would otherwise. Castle Rock residents also see this in most after market carpet cleaning products that are sold on the shelves at your local stores. That is why over the last 21 years we have been using enzyme carpet cleaning treatments that cleans your carpets with no soap or high ph detergents. This helps you because your carpets don't get soiled quickly.

Has your dog ever had an accident on the carpet? Then you use a store bought carpet cleaning product to try and clean it up. You get excited yea the stain is gone, but then within a few days the stain returns. Your assume that you have to use more spot cleaner to make it all go away. But then when you use extra cleaning product you noticed the next day the stain has returned but yet it's larger than before. That is because you have just added more spot cleaner and increased the carpets ph even more. Therefore the area is filled with even more soap and is browned out. Any soil that goes across that carpet fiber either by traffic activity will stick to that area, usually resulting in a brown stain in the middle of your carpets.

"Ok! What should you do? You need to call TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock this is where we can help! With our acid rinse solutions we can rinse out all that soap lower the ph and are able to make clean carpet that stays cleaner longer again. Give TLC Carpet Care a call 720-314-0178 and see the difference! Don't take our word for it. Visit us at for more info on Zero Residue in Your Carpets.