Why the lowest price for carpet cleaning isn't always best: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

Why the lowest price for carpet cleaning isn't always best: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

Why the lowest price for Carpet Cleaning isn’t always best: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

The only way a bait and switch carpet cleaning company  can turn a profit is by getting in and out of your home as quickly as possible. This leads to the lady you see in the picture above. Notice she's not too happy. When traffic patterns become moderately to heavily soiled between cleanings, their tendency is to charge extra for pretreating with high alkaline chemicals to quickly attain an acceptable visual appeal. They will charge on average about ten to fifteen dollars more per room. 

  1. The idea is that if you don't purchase the extra chemicals for the carpet cleaning your carpets won't get very clean. The problem with the amounts of traffic cleaners they requires more rinsing of the carpet fibers to prevent leaving a residue behind that leads to browning . This residue then attracts more dirt, speeding the re-soiling of your carpets. It becomes a vicious circle in which more and more dirt and soil will attract more re-soiling. The bottom line… your carpets will not be looking clean very long.  Many cheap carpet cleaners do not understand the ph scale acidity & alkalinity, and chemicals at both ends of the scale can and do cause major ph damage to carpet fibers already stressed in major traffic areas, shortening the life of your carpets. 
  2. So bottom line not only are they charging you more but their doing more harm than good.
  3. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock co offers enzymes solutions that stay in the range of proper ph assuring not only your carpets will be clean but won't attract residue later, leaving your carpets cleaner longer. 

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co is known in the community  as the industry leader in this market. Our purpose is not to critique other carpet cleaners, but rather to provide for you the information to make the best educated carpet cleaning choice. We are also working to provide our Castle Rock homeowners access to the best carpet cleaning chemicals and products on the market today. We truly are committed to being of the best carpet cleaning option to our clients and community as is possible.

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