Why Should I Hire TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Why Should I Hire TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Why Should I Hire TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock? 

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Clean carpets are essential to the health of your carpets and your family members, and your indoor air quality. Look at how much dust, hair and dirt your vacuum lifts out of your carpet every time you vacuum your carpets.  Now imagine everything that’s left behind. When your carpets are professionally cleaned by TLC Carpet Care, you can enjoy clean carpets and breathe easier knowing all of those allergens, pollens and fungus have been lifted away – not to mention the little microscopic monster movie hiding in the fibers. 

Regular steam carpet cleaning and spot removal will relieve worn traffic patterns in your Castle Rock home, remove odors and erase any spills and stains left by your cats, dogs, your kids, your friends, your husband – and if you made a few yourself, that’s OK, all the mess will be throughly carpet cleaned. 

TLC's carpet cleaning and spot removal will improve the quality of your carpets  while you’re living in your Castle Rock home, and make much more comfortable for you and your guest. 

Which Process Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

There are three different ways to clean your carpet – some are better than others. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock provides the Superior way to clean your carpets: STEAM CLEANING. 

No carpet cleaning process works like steam to deep clean every fiber in your carpet; TLC Carpet Care's  proven hot water with temps exceeding 200 degrees cleans, rinses and the extraction method removes soils, dirt, pollens, allergens, kills dust mites, and refreshes the carpet’s former look, color, and soft touch.

Dry cleaning bonnet systems, for example, often just clean the surface of your carpet fibers, leaving debris deep down in the carpet base. They claim it dries in an hour and thats because your not getting all of your carpets cleaned. 

Carpet Shampoo is old school uses heavy foam to lift away dirt and debris; it also takes a lot of water to lift all that shampoo back out of the carpet. Its high in PH and your carpets gets dirtier quicker. This leaves the carpet and the pad soaked once the crew leaves. If not properly dried, quickly, mold and mildew can set in below the carpet pad. This is a horrible way to clean carpets. 

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