Why Karen Hired A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company; Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Why Karen Hired A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company; Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Why Karen Hired a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company:

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co




If you have ever had a new dog or an senior cat, you have probably experienced urine and odor problems. Your cats and dogs pees on the carpet, but you found an exciting new enzymatic cleaner that seems to get rid of the odor. But a few months later, you feel like you can faintly smell ammonia gasses again. You search for yellow spots on the carpet, maybe even with a black light from the retail store, but no signs of a new urine stains. You wonder if maybe you are imagining the smell and decide to live with it for a while. But is your carpet really clean? In this article, TLC Carpet Care explores why Castle Rock pet owners should consider professional carpet cleaning to keep those odors and stains gone for good.


The scenario above is not just a hypothetical, it happened to Karen M, in Castle Rock Co this past 2019. She had an senior cat who battled kidney disease for five years, not always making it to the litter box and instead peed on the carpets. Living with a cat or dog battling bladder control led Karen to investigate the most effective types of chemical carpet cleaning products, and she landed on an enzymatic cleaner that seemed to do the job It neutralized odors immediately, and when she used a black light to check if the urine was gone, everything looked good.


But every once in a while, Karen would get a faint whiff of kitty ammonia gases around the apartment. The exact location was hard to see. The black light did not seem to lead to any answers, and even when Karen got down on her hands and knees to sniff the carpet closely, she could not locate the source of the ammonia gasses. The odor would also come and go, and sometimes she wondered if she was imagining it. She was also concerned that her two new puppies might pick up on the odor and start to mark those spots on the carpet their own urine deposits.


Karen finally decided it was time to call in the professionals, and she reached out to TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock for an estimate. They sent a carpet cleaning technician over to assess the carpets, and mystery solved. With a much more powerful blacklight they were able to locate a number of urine stains where deep seated urine deposits had saturated. Urine had seeped through the carpet into the padding and the subfloor, which the store bought enzymatic cleaners simply were not able to reach. Because the urine was down in the padding, though, the odor was not always there, which is why she could never figure out where the ammonia gases were coming from.


We recommended a RotoVac 360I extraction to get those long-term stains out of the carpet forever. We used a moderately strong acidic solution fabset and completely saturated the most contaminated areas to break down the urine salts in both the carpet and padding and subfloor. The mixture was left to break down the enzymes in the urine deposits. We then used our professional carpet cleaning equipment to extract the solution and water before cleaning and deodorizing the rest of the carpeting.


Heavy duty contamination can sometimes require more than one visit in order to fully eliminate urine spots from the carpeting and pads, but fortunately in this case it just took one try. Karen has not noticed any more urine pee odors, and the carpets looked great after cleaning by TLC Carpet Care.


Keeping your carpets fresh and clean with pets is not something you can do yourself. When pet urine spots dry—or have been cleaned with a product that only gets the carpet, not the pad—a dehydrated reservoir is left behind. When the reservoir comes back into contact with moisture or humidity—particularly during those steamy Castle Rock Co summer days—the urine solids left behind become “activated” leading to unwanted odors. Because your pets will often urinate when no one is around, detecting urine spots can be hard, particularly if they are located near a litter box that may already give off ammonia gasses.


A periodic carpet cleaning evaluation is recommended to gauge if your carpet is in need of cleaning and deodorizing, and to what cleaning package. Whatever type of pets you might have, a thorough deep clean or RotoVac 360I extraction can save you money in the long run, keeping your carpets and flooring fresher longer. By hiring a carpet cleaning professional, you can keep your carpets healthy and clean for yourself, your family, and your furry family members.


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