Why Clean Your Carpets? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Why Clean Your Carpets? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Why Clean Your Carpets? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

1.  Health and safety

Your carpets in your home acts like a huge pool filter for your air and everything that falls onto it.  Toxins, pollens, chemicals and other contaminants will adhere to the carpet fibers and then particulates will stick to the oil deposits in your carpets; where your vacuum cleaner may not be able to extract them all. Dust, pollen, bacteria, dust mites, fungus, pet dander can be detrimental to air quality, but they are no match for TLC Carpet Care's carpet cleaning systems

2. Your Carpets Life Span

It is the all the elements  that your commercial vacuum cleaner cannot extract that cause damage to your  carpet fibers.  These elements are abrasive  like sand paper scratching your carpet fibers with each step and if you have cheap padding that will make it worse.  All these elements  will eventually ne trapped deep into the latex of the carpet thereby thinning the backing  of the latex which secures the fibers that you walk on. In time these elements will work into the padding destroying the padding and fall through the padding onto the sub floor which is either wood or concrete.  This situation is the reason that carpet manufacturers like Shaw Industries will write  in their warranty to you that you must have a professional carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co to clean at least once a year if not more to prevent dirt and soil  from getting deep into the carpet fibers.  The carpet cleaning experts who are the carpet manufacturers state  that if you see traffic patterns or other spills on your carpet that a professional carpet cleaning must be done. 

3.  Appearanceimage

You wouldn’t just vacuum your kids clothes, otherwise your clothes would get just as dirty and stained as your carpets.  Just as your clothes need to be washed and rinsed so does your carpets and upholstery.

This may seem obvious but some many homeowners neglect this until its too late and the problem is that most people have no idea what gets tracked and brought into their home on a daily basis.  However, TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co  can help because no matter the staining or wear we are able to make your carpet look as new again. 

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