What Not To Do Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

What Not To Do Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

What Not To Do Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Our parents told us we should always learn from our mistakes. However when it comes to carpet cleaning, your mistakes could be costly and result in permanent damage. 
Buying cheap and ineffective carpet cleaning chemicals bought at the store can very much be the wrong thing to do. These carpet cleaning products can result in permanent damage, impacting the carpet’s ph balance and dye structure and appearance. But perhaps the greatest mistake of all, according to the IICRC and carpet cleaning industry experts, is failure to implement a carpet maintenance program recommended by the manufactures in the first place.

“Not cleaning annually or having a carpet cleaning maintenance program is a big mistake when it comes to carpet care. Castle Rock Co homeowners  wait until the carpets look dirty to clean them, but the problem is carpeting has been designed intentionally to hide the soil. So if we wait until it looks dirty to clean it, then how dirty has it really built up over time. Also the problem with waiting is by the time it looks dirty oxidation at the time has set in and your carpet fibers are now starting to show irreversible wear and damage.

The owner Kyle Dillon of TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co suggest that not using a carpet cleaning maintenance program, including a annual carpet cleaning , is one of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make. Kyle also notes the need for a professional carpet cleaning company  when planning and implementing a annual cleanings.

Homeowners in Castle Rock often try one element of a maintenance program and think that they have a good program in place.  “For example, they may have a rental carpet cleaner, but they don’t have deep steam extraction to go with it. Or they do carpet cleaning  spotters, but don’t do anything to properly rinse the carpet and correct its ph balance. They need a carpet cleaning maintenance program like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co has all the carpet cleaning steps necessary to give their carpet an proper and safe cleaning, a extended life of your carpets.

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