What Caused My Carpets To Buckle; Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

What Caused My Carpets To Buckle; Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

 What Caused My Carpets To Buckle: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co?

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while carpets will look like what can best be described as  a giant buckle after a carpet cleaning. You may think oh no what did my carpet cleaner do, but i can assure you its not the carpet cleaners fault and here"s why and what you can do.

There is no way to tell before you carpet cleaning appointment if it will happen, as it can occur with both synthetic and nylon carpets and even wool. But when this  happen home owners become panic and fear that they will need to have their carpet replaced. The good news is that as scary as it looks, the carpet will go back to normal all by itself once the carpets dries, which dry time averages 6 to 8 hours.  What you need to do is wait and relax. 

So why did it happen: 95% of the time poor installation.

  • There are components make up your carpet: the fibers you walk on, the primary backing, a latex adhesive, and a secondary backing. The latex adhesive is what keeps the all parts secure, and if the carpet was not properly installed then that is what causes the dreaded wrinkling. Adhesives such as these are made in part with a kind of clay material to give the latex substance. This in turn makes the latex adhesive capable of absorbing water. This means that in particularly humid conditions or if a substantial amount of water is in to the carpet the adhesive will expand. The expansion will cause buckling, and/or the waves we’ve discussed. Now not all carpets are made the same, nor are all adhesives. Therefore some carpets may have a latex layer with more clay than usual, which is when the buckling occurs with some words than others. As mentioned before there is sadly no definitive way to know if your carpets were properly installed.
  • As the carpets begin too dry and it will happen soon to Castle Rock's dry climate condenses back to its normal shape. Interestingly while the adhesive is weaker when wet, once it dries it is stronger than before! Something to bear in mind when dealing with this situation is the need for patience. Even if the face fibers feel dry to the touch that does not mean that the backing or adhesive is dry. Also dry time varies depending on the type of the carpets. For example nylon retains much more water than polyester, so it stands to reason that a wool carpet will take even longer that a polyester carpet to completely dry out.

While it can be alarming to see your carpet creating waves after you’ve just payed to have it look beautiful again, TLC Carpet care in Castle Rock is here to assure you that it isn’t permanent. Given a little extra patience your carpet will lose the wrinkles and look as good as new.

One thing of note: Without proper installation eventually your carpets will start to buckle without cleaning. At this time you will need to have them stretched. 

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