The Reason You Need To Keep Up With Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

The Reason You Need To Keep Up With Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

The Reason You Need To Keep Up With Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

There are so many reason for you to choose to clean your carpets in your rental property . However, you must not wait until the carpet looks dirty to hire a Castle Rock carpet cleaning company. In a similar way to any hard surface, it only take a few day for the floor to accumulate dust that you can see but the carpet traps what you can't see. Therefore, the cleaning of your carpet is required on an annual basis in some case twice a year or more. However with carpet cleaning, in particular rental homes carpet cleaning is different than need more attention. Your common rental property has tenants that may not vacuum regularly, take their shoes off an simply won't care for it like you would your own home, TLC Carpet Care has programs that will help maintaining your rental properties to insure that once the renter leaves you won't be spending thousands of dollars replacing the carpets. 

How Frequent Do You Need Carpet Cleaning?

This question is often asked by our Castle Rock homeowners. Some of you own rental homes with cheaper carpet, and some of you want to maintain high end berber carpet. The correct answer to that would depend on the amount of the activity in the home, from family members, kids, pets ect.  When we walk on the carpet we deepen the spread of the soil being more embedded underneath the carpet on into the pad. The more we spread the dust down, the faster you will notice the carpet wear and showing traffic patters. Therefore, based on individual needs and preferences we would recommend a deep residential carpet cleaning at the every least every year. 

Pet Stains and Residential Carpet Cleaning.

Pet Stains and odors have become the most common concern  to our Castle Rock homeowners. The probability that your cat or dog  that has accidents on the carpet is somewhat significant. Imagine that pad underneath the carpet as described before absorbing pet urine that can release ammonia gasses in the air is very concerning . The urine is filled with bacteria that now has the ability to spread in the pad. Therefore, in a case your cat or dog urinates on the carpets  it is highly recommended to call TLC Carpet care in Castle Rock Co a local residential carpet cleaning company. The sooner you clean the carpetst, the better chances you will have to fully removed the bacteria.

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