The Problem with Carpet Cleaning Your Own Carpets; Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

The Problem with Carpet Cleaning Your Own Carpets; Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

The Problems with Carpet Cleaning Your Own Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

Sometime Castle Rock homeowners will try to save money when it comes to cleaning their carpets and sometimes they'll try to carpet cleaning  themselves. You may notice that your carpets looking a soiled and worn.  It is a Sunday afternoon and you think, “Hey I have time i will just go rent a carpet cleaning machine and the store and clean them myself.” 

You think it’ll be cheap and easy, it is just a cheap carpet anyway, what could possibly go wrong?
As you try to clean  away all the soil and dirt you notice that the run off water looks brown. You think hey I'm doing a good job, but most people don't understand acid rinsing and proper ph but it is too late the you already started a course there no turning  back on, 

Another scenario could be, you finished cleaning your carpets and leave them to start drying hours later when you check on them an your carpets  feels crusty and because it took too long to dry they  now has a funky smell and odor. Those are some of the potential hazards of carpet cleaning your carpets yourself.

It may not have been an carpets before you cleaned them, but now its become expensive to correct the problem. 

At this point the logical thing to do now is call TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co to reclean your carpets the right way as soon as possible before the damage becomes permanent. 

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning beware, it may seem like an easy task, but take note of these potential outcomes:

  • long dry times  could cause mold or the foundation could rot
  • may cause damage to your carpets from trapped bacteria down deep in the carpets fibers 
  • high ph soap residue makes the carpets get dirtier faster
  • carpets may buckle from uneven application of water
  • dye structure s could fade 
  • carpet fibers may become matted down

How  Carpet Cleaning Can Make Your Carpets Last for years to come. 
Your carpets can last a long time by hiring TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co. 

Depending on how many kids ,pets ect, your carpets should be cleaned about once a year, more if you have children and pets. The following are recommendations for professional carpet cleaning.

  • carpet cleaning frequency guide
  • 3-6 months for young children and pets
  • 6 months for young children
  • 4 months for 2 persons with smoking
  • 6-12 for 2 persons non smoking

​The above information was taken from a letter by the Environmental Protection Agency and the IICRC, 

The easiest way to improve indoor air quality is to clean your carpets that trap the allergens and bacteria hidden down deep in your carpets backing. 

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