The Only Way To Clean Pet Stains on Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

The Only Way To Clean Pet Stains on Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

THE Only WAY TO Clean PET Stains on Carpets Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

The only way to clean pet stains from on carpets is to start by calling a professional carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co. Over the year's Castle Rock residents have tried a variety of cleaning solutions to try to clean pet stains. At TLC Carpet Care our carpet cleaning technicians have seen many carpets that have been subjected to harsh cleaners that are not even created to be a carpet cleaning product. We've seen some carpets where people have used dish soap. This is a bad idea on so many levels as soaps are really concentrated and are to high in PH and cannot be properly rinsed because homeowners lack knowledge and the necessary carpet cleaning equipment to rinse out the soap. We've seen where people have used bleach. This is the absolute the worst thing you can put on the carpets. Yes it very well may remove the stain. but the bleach will also take out all the dye from the carpets. Some people will find carpet cleaning products from the stores like Resolve, Nature's Miracle and OxiClean for carpets. These products may claim they're designed for carpet cleaning but many come with problems like being high in ph and some even have a bleaching effect. Some are just all tougher ineffective. 

So what can you do? Well there is a harmless home remedy you can try. Begin with is using light amount of white vinegar on the stain. Lightly blot the vinegar on to the stain with using a dye free terrycloth towel. At this point you should get enough of the stain. If at this point your still seeing a stain call the carpet cleaning experts at TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co. TLC Carpet Care has carpet cleaning solutions that have been designed in a lad to be able to properly clean and remove urine without harming carpet fibers. It truly is the only way to clean pet stains on carpets. 

Don't risk trying to clean pet stains and make things worse for yourself and the carpets. This will only cost you more money and headaches. Call the carpet cleaning experts in Castle Rock Co at 720-314-0178. TLC Carpet Care a Castle Rock company.  

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