The Carpet Cleaning Process: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

The Carpet Cleaning Process: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

The Carpet Cleaning Process: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


We at TLC Carpet Care try our very best to answer every common question you might have about our carpet cleaning services, and have provided clear and concise answers on our website at . In addition, we have provided you with a step-by-step guide on how we go about all of TLC's carpet cleaning services.

The following information is not meant to be an absolute, complete “how to guide” or an intricately extensive explanation of all carpet cleaning techniques or processes that are offered by us. This is merely a compilation of answers to frequently asked questions by clients (coupled with straight-forward answers) about our basic cleaning procedure. It’s also a place to put the spot-light on sales pitches you should be warned about when shopping around to find just the right carpet cleaning company in Castle Rock Co. Basically, you can use this carpet cleaning information to compare it to other carpet cleaning companies cleaning standards.

If you feel you need any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call us at 720.314.0178.  We’ll be happy to answer back as soon as we possibly can. Before you call us, please read this page, as well as the website page to see if your question(s) has already been covered on this website.

Step 1: Pre-Inspection
Every great carpet cleaning company starts with a proper, precise carpet, rug, tile or upholstery pre-inspection and walk thru.  The walk thru is important, as it will allow our carpet cleaning technicians properly set up a protocol to service your carpets. This is your chance to address us of your concerns; we will inspect your problems areas an spots and stains of concern as well as note carpet construction, and damaged conditions. We will also inform you of any possible permanent staining in your carpets, so that there will be no surprises at all. Remember: not all stains can be removed completely, and a carpet cleaning company that claims they can remove all stains is just telling you what you want to hear to get your money.

Step 2: Pre-Vacuum
This is your small role, you will asked to pre-vacuumed to remove bonded dry soil and pet hair before we arrive, making the main cleaning methods run smoother. This pre-vacuum will help more of the dirt and contaminates to be cleaned up during the main cleaning part of the procedure. This is in addition to the vacuuming that takes place throughout the entire length of the cleaning process.

Step 3: Furniture Moving (optional)
By request of the Castle Rock customers, sofas, chairs, end tables, and furniture that is of appropriate weight will be carefully moved by our carpet cleaning technicians. Larger pieces, such as beds, dressers, entertainment centers, computers, pool tables, china cabinets and other liability property is left in place under our regular pricing structure. Your furniture will be well-protected with plastic blocks and tabs as needed.

Step 4: Pre-Treating & Pre-Spot Treatment
Traffic areas and spots are pre-treated for more effective soil and spot removal. This will ensure that the soil and spots will be lifted, and the most thorough cleaning will be utilized for the job. Not even a small stain will escape our view, as we strive for perfection in our cleaning process. Remember: even with pre-spot treatment there are some spots/stains that cannot be removed completely.

Step 5: Pre Raking
Depending on the soil level of your carpet, the carpet will be pre-groomed with a carpet rake to further loosen traffic area soiling. Again, this will help with the carpet cleaning process, as this act is to ensure that the carpet cleaning process will be effective.

Step 6: Extract & Acid  Rinse
Once the soil has been broken up, our state-of-the-art ProChem truck-mounted hot steam extraction machine will thoroughly rinse the carpets. Pressure at 500 PSI and heat are regulated so that carpet is not overly-wet. We will then rinse your carpet with specially treated water at the cleansing temperatures ranging over 200  degrees, depending on the fiber content and level of soiling in the carpet. This step also improves the quality of the air in your living space by removing the pollens, bacteria, and viruses, etc. from the carpet, making your carpets clean and safe. 

Step 7: Neutralize The PH
Every carpet that we clean is rinsed with an acidity PH balanced product so that there is never a soapy residue left behind. If there is soapy left behind, there may be more problems that will occur in the future with your carpets. This is a very important step that is neglected by other carpet cleaners; either that or they lack the knowledge or didn't apply and acid rinse.

Step 8: Post Spot Cleaning
If any spots cannot be removed during the carpet cleaning process, specialty-spotting chemicals are used after a thorough cleaning to get rid of all the stubborn spots that may not initially come up.  We will do the best we can to make sure every single spot is treated, utilizing the best of our resources and carpet cleaning experience. 

Note: This excludes permanent stains that are identified in the pre-inspection part of the procedure.

Step 9: Dupont Teflon Carpet Protector 
Carpets protected with  DuPont’s Teflon last longer, clean up easier and stay cleaner between carpet cleanings.  Overall, the Dupont Teflon carpet protectors prolong the durability and extend life of your carpet. We offer carpet protectors as an option, but it is up to you to ultimately decide if you want us to purchase it. 

Step 10: Post Walk Thru
After our carpet cleaning technicians are through with the job, we encourage you to take a walk through your house using the plastic boots we provide to inspect every room of carpet and make sure that everything is to our satisfaction. If you’re satisfied, let us know, and if not, let us know your concern and we can immediately re-clean that area.  At the end of the walk thru, we will ask that you sign our TLC Carpet Care's invoice.

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