String Pet Odor and Stain Removal: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

String Pet Odor and Stain Removal: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Strong Pet Odor and Stain Removal: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


In many cases TLC Carpet Care's regular carpet cleaning process is all that is needed to correct minor pet stain and odor problems. The powerful steam and heat of our carpet cleaning machines can effectively remove urine stains and odors from carpet fiber.

The problem with pet odor is that it can be much deeper trapped down into the backing of the carpet. Pet urine can easily soak through the backing of the carpet and sometimes when its chronic into the padding. In more chronic cases the urine can penetrate into the sub-floor beneath the padding into the flooring or concrete. This creates a problem that is multi-layered and normal carpet cleaning won't help with.

The urine also provides for the growth of bacteria and ammonia gasses. This in turn contributes to a worsening of the odor problem as it becomes airborne and can contribute to permanent color loss of the carpet fiber.

Urine Stain Remover Treatment Castle Rock Co

To eliminate this problem the urine must be treated with TLC Carpet Care's Urine Stain Remover and neutralized from each of the layers effected. If the contamination is limited to only the surface yarn of the carpet then the cleaning itself may effectively remove the odor but you'll still need urine stain remover for the yellowing. In more severe cases a odor neutralizer may be applied.

In the most chronic cases where pets have been urinating on the carpet for an extended period of time, replacement of the carpet padding, treatment of the under-side of the carpet and the sub-floor will may be required. Even replacement of the carpet, however, can not completely guarantee complete removal of the ammonia gasses released.  Sometimes cleaning the subfloor will also be necessary. 

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