Steam Cleaning Carpets and Rugs: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

Steam Cleaning Carpets and Rugs: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

Steam Cleaning Carpets and Rugs: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co 

Steam carpet cleaning, also known in the carpet cleaning industry as hot water steam extraction, uses chemicals like Flex pretreatments combined with a blast of hot water and acidic rinse to remove dirt, soil and bacteria from your carpets. This steam gets deep within the carpets fibers penetrates deep into the carpet’s backing, providing a deep cleaning. If you’ve got close friends or family members in Castle Rock Co tell them about the carpet cleaning technology from companies like TLC Carpet care in Castle Rock Co.

There are two different techniques to steam clean any carpets. 

  • The portable extraction machine  uses a property’s own electricity and standard tap water to clean the carpets. They are bright into your home and moved around from room to room, and are loud and some Castle Rock homeowners don't appreciate that. 
  • Truck mounted cleaners are large and mounted inside the carpet cleaning vans. The water is much hotter than than portable machines and by using higher PSI, the carpet is rinsed much more thoroughly. However, they use  vac and solution hoses  to get to the carpeting that is being cleaned from the machine in the van. 
  • Steam cleaning is the most recommend  method of professional carpet cleaning by the IICRC, due to its ability to reach high temperatures and great extraction from the very depths of carpet fibers, for a complete removal of soil, bacteria, and other pollutants. If you clean your carpets often with the help of a professional carpet cleaning service like TLC Carpet Care in castle Rock, your carpets will stay looking new and will last for years to come. 

With their Google 5 star rating service, TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co, can help you with whatever size job you need done.  For more info on Steam Cleaning Carpets and Rugs Call us at 720.314.0178 . Also, be sure to visit us at