Steam Carpet Cleaning Extraction: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Steam Carpet Cleaning Extraction: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Steam Carpet Cleaning Extraction: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Steam carpet extraction makes use of hot water to penetrate into carpet fibers. This process uses the heat and power of water pressure at 500 psi to achieve excellent cleaning. 

Hot water extraction at temps above 200 degrees is extremely effective not only removing dirt but killing bacteria.  As a result, with heat the steam cleaning cleans a lot better. Since there’s extra space between the carpet fibers, the steam is penetrated more deeply and effectively.

As a carpet owner, you should alway know the proper carpet cleaning method for your carpets and never make the mistake of cleaning your carpets on your own. When cleaning natural carpets like wool using aggressive carpet cleaning chemicals can be damaging.

While doing your own home work is extremely diligent, it’s not enough. Form your own opinion and always follow it up with professional carpet cleaning audits. Call the carpet manufacture who made your carpets and they’ll will determine the right carpet cleaning process for you or simply call the expert technicians from TLC Carpet Care and they will send out at tech to properly evaluate your carpets. 

At TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock, we use max heat more than other carpet cleaning companies to ensure that your carpet is gets the best cleaning possible. With the right steam carpet cleaning extraction method help you enjoy a clean carpet without causing any damage.

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