Steam Carpet Cleaning : Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Steam Carpet Cleaning : Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

STEAM CARPET CLEANING: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

TLC Carpet Care in Castle  Rock Co uses two steam cleaning methods to freshen and clean your carpets from pet odors and stains: traditional steam cleaning and  RotoVac Steam Carpets for heavily soiled carpets.  TLC's  Traditional Steam Carpet Cleaning uses the hot water extraction with a six jet wand to remove stains, dirt and bacteria and pollens  from the fibers of your carpets. TLC's Rotovac Carpet Cleaning also uses hot water extraction, but it actually rotates and extracts more hot water through the carpet, and cleans heavily soiled or stained areas and leaves your carpet dry to the touch.

If you need our carpet cleaning services, we are ready to schedule you. We will provide a walk thru, pre inspect, pre-treat, and offer stain treatments so that your carpet looks as good as it did when you first bought it. TLC's carpet cleaning services in the town of Castle Rock  steam extraction process is done by highly trained IICRC carpet Cleaning Technicians.

Our technicians know what type of Residential Carpet Cleaning chemicals and carpet cleaning equipment should be used on each carpet or rug material. We will safely clean one room of carpet or an entire house or building full. We understand the importance of having clean and deodorized carpets while using the most high tech carpet cleaning technology to to help your carpets look their best. Backed by our money back guarantee you can feel confident the TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co is the best choice for your carpet cleaning needs. When you add it all up we can deliver the most affordable and transparent prices in all of the Castle Rock. 

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