Special Carpet Cleaning Prices: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Special Carpet Cleaning Prices: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock has  20+ years of carpet, area rug and upholstery cleaning experience. 
Due to high demand, we added fine area rug cleaning. You will really notice our technicians cleaning knowledge and professionalism. Your carpet cleaning technician has experience and certifications when it comes to cleaning carpets, upholstery and area rugs. They were  trained in class room settings and on the field experience to be able to remove many types of stains, pet odors and the best carpet cleaning methods. Also when it comes to cleaning your carpets and rugs, they also know the cleaning process for all types of carpet, and are rugs and the many types of fibers.

 Special Carpet Cleaning Pricing in Castle Rock Co

You will find that our prices are affordable and very transparent. Your carpet cleaning service will priced according to our house and carpet alone.  We provides carpet cleaning packages for you to choose from that will keep your carpets clean year around. Also when you choose a carpet cleaning package you are eligible for additional coupons for future cleanings.  

You may have heard the term, “bait & switch”. Some carpet cleaning companies still use this deceptive practice of a cheap price on an ad, but when their technician arrives, the price changes quickly. TLC Carpet Care will never do that. What price you get over the phone is what you will see when we arrive. 

Just imagine you could have the look and feel of cleaned carpets and are rugs. Why wait? Call TLC Carpet Care today at 720-314-0178 to schedule an appointment that is convenient to your schedule. Remember, we have No Hidden Fee's & No Fine Print, only the highest quality cleaning service in Castle Rock Co

If you would like more info on Special Carpet Cleaning Prices visit our website at tlccarpetcare.net or call us at

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