Six Recommendations For Cleaning Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Six Recommendations For Cleaning Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Six Recommendations for Cleaning Your Carpets 

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co



1. Vacuum your carpets traffic areas frequently.  Soil and nitrogen is the number one cause of oxidation to your carpet. Be sure that you are vacuuming traffic areas daily and the rest at least twice week to keep soils with nitrogen  to a minimum and extend the life of your carpet.

2. Clean up spots ASAP.  To effectively remove a spot permanently use a clean ASAP and  use a dye free towel (preferably a white one to avoid dye transfer) and hot soft water in a spray bottle containing a small amount of a vinegar.  Then  blot and clean the area, DON"T over clean the carpets.  Most spots can be removed if they are cleaned ASAP. Of course, the exceptions would be any dyes or bleach. 

3. Never scrub your carpets. The correct carpet cleaning process to remove a spots and stains is to scrape the spot towards the middle and then blot with a dye free towel. Scrubbing the carpets  will fray the carpet yarn and permanently damage your carpets.

4. Don't use store bought spotters, Using too much soap in the carpet will result in a dirt attracting residue that will make your carpets high in ph and get dirtier quicker.

5. Clean your carpets professionally every 4 months. Carpet manufactures around the world recommend professional carpet cleaning your carpets with truck-mounted van mounted steam cleaning. By carpet cleaning every 4 months you will extend the life of your carpet and have a fresh and soft carpet.

6. Re-apply ScotchGard Protector every other carpet cleaning. Scotchgard protector “seals” the fibers of your carpets and makes them resistant to most difficult stains. It also makes your vacuuming more productive The effectiveness of Scotchgard is reduced about 30-35% with each cleaning. But, by re-applying  every year your carpet cleaning  to protect your carpet from stains and everyday stains and activity, giving your carpet the best protection possible.

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