See The Contact with TLC Carpet Care In Castle Rock Co

See The Contrast with TLC Carpet Care In Castle Rock Co


Wool Area Rugs are some of the dirtiest fibers we clean, typically because they are used in family rooms, hall ways and entry ways and are walked on more so than another other area in the house. They mostly cover a lot of square footage, and oftentimes they get dirty really quickly.

Also pet urine can be very damaging on a wool carpet because of the negative ph that the urine salts can do to a fiber such as wool. 

Wool Rugs can be difficult to clean due to the natural fibers and the fact that most of them are not protected. At TLC Carpet Care we suggest that you hire us to use our steam carpet cleaning process to properly clean your rugs and get them looking new again. If you go to long without professionally cleaning you really take a risk of your wool rugs being  stained. Also using the wrong carpet cleaning chemical can do damage to a natural fibers such as wool. 

Some rugs can be steam cleaned onsite in your home, some require a dry solvent cleaning process.

Our technicians can clean your rugs at your home, or you can drop them off at our carpet cleaning shop here in Castle Rock.

Give us a call at 720-314-0178 to determine if your rugs require steam cleaning or a solvent base dry cleaning, and if they can be cleaned at your property or require in shop cleaning. 

See the difference when you properly clean your wool rug with TLC Carpet Care. 

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