Scotchgard Carpet Protector For Clean Carpets In Castle Rock,Co

Scotchgard Carpet Protector For Clean Carpets In Castle Rock,Co

Scotchguard Carpet Protector

HI Everyone. It's me Kyle again talking to you today about Scothguard Carpet Protector. One Common Question I get is does it really work? Let me say that first begins with who is applying it and know that they are properly trained on mixture ratios as well as application.The answer Though is how? Scothguard has a unique flurochemical properties that make it incompatible with dust ,dirt, and grime, This creates a barrier that prevents dry soil, oil, and waterbased soils from marring ones apperance.  Because the Scotchguard keeps these agents from penetrating The yarn. All of this prevents staining and oxidation on your clean carpets.What is Oxidation? Soil has nitrogen in it. The nitrogen bonds to the yarn and chemically alters the dye structure. this is how carpets get stained. So should I make the investment. Well if you plan on keeping The carpet a while, as well as having kids and pets with a lot of activity I would without question or you may be sorry you didnt. What I can share with you is that when I apply  Scotchgard Carpet Protector to my carpets, its seems every time I vacuum my carpets seem to look brand New again.I hope this has been helpful and if you have any other question about Scotchguard Protector for Clean Carpets in Castle Rock,Co, feel free to give me a call. 

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Kyle Dillon

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