Rug Cleaning: Carpet Cleaners Castel Rock Co

Rug Cleaning: Carpet Cleaners Castel Rock Co

Rug Cleaning: Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co 


With TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co  pickup and delivery is included with every oriental and wool rug cleaning and area rug cleaning! Call 720-314-0178 for more information on oriental rug cleaning and area rug cleaning.

Oriental rugs and area rugs fall into a very different carpet cleaning process than carpets. Many factors determine how the rug will be treated and cleaned. Such as, the brand, type of fibers, where the rug was manufactured, what fibers it was made from, the glue used in the backing, the dyes and etc. At TLC Carpet Care, our Certified Rug Cleaning Specialists make sure your rug is cleaned to the highest standard, the appropriate carpet cleaning  products are used on it and the proper Dupont teflon protection is applied.

Rug Cleaning Process Include:

  • Pet and Odor Contamination Removal*
  • Fringe Bleaching
  •  Mold Cleanup
  • Application of Carpet Protector

Cleaning Process of the oriental rug cleaning or area rug cleaning include:

  1. The rug is inspected for spots, stains, wear, damage and dye stability. The clients is informed with detailed information on the rug, how it will be cleaned and the cost.
  2. The rug is dusted.
  3. The rug is vacuumed on both sides to remove excess soil and hair.
  4. The rug is pre-treated.
  5. The rug is submerged into washing dome for washing.
  6. The rug is rinsed with an acidity.
  7. The rug is air dry.
  8. If fringe is bleached, the fringe is cleaned, detailed and groomed.
  9. The rug is rolled up, packaged and ready for delivery. Once the rug is delivered to your Castle Rock home, our technician will roll it out and let you inspect it.

*Extra Charge for Urine and odors.

Area rugs cannot be cleaned on hardwood floors or marble flooring. To properly clean area rugs, they need to be cleaned in a controlled environment.

Your rug is your investment! Have your investment cleaned by TLC Carpet Care Today!

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