Rug Care Spill & Cleaning Tips: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Rug Care Spill & Cleaning Tips: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

RUG CARE SPILL & CLEANING TIPS : Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

RUG CARE Carpet Cleaning MUST HAVES: (Best to use DISTILLED or filtered water whenever spot treating.)

ü White cotton towels ü Corn starch ü Seltzer water ü White vinegar + cool water (50/50) ü Soft brush (not too stiff) ü Hair dryer
ü Small bowls + light color sponge ü PET OWNERS – PureAyre or Nature’s Miracle

Carpet cleaning MUST NEVER DO:
Do NOT steam clean NATURAL FIBER (wool/silk/cotton) rugs. Do not clean in the home.

(Risk of color loss, discoloration, permanent yellowing, fiber damage and dye bleeding.)

Do NOT use on oriental and area rugs (wool/silk/cotton/viscose):
àFolex, Resolve, Oxyclean, Simple Green, Woolite, Baking Soda, or Chlorine Bleach.


1) Run HOT WATER from the faucet, and wet a portion of a white TOWEL. 2) Wring the excess out so it is DAMP but not wet.
3) BEND open an area of the rug with “suspect” colors that may be fugitive. 4) Press the damp towel INSIDE the fibers (not just on the surface tips).

5) HOLD STILL for 10-15 seconds. (If you move you may move dye.)
6) Remove towel and see if there has been any color transfer.
7) If there has been any hint of color transfer – the dyes are FUGITIVE and not colorfast.


  • Ø  SPOON up solids, or VACUUM up dry pieces.

  • Ø  If stain remains, use sponge to dampen the spill area with cool distilled water or SELTZER

    WATER. If spill is greasy or oily, you can use sudsy water (dishwashing soap).

  • Ø  BLOT area with cotton TOWEL (do not rub). BLOT until spill stops moving into the towel.

  • Ø  Place a folded towel UNDER and OVER the spill area to sandwich it. Stand on the sandwich to help excess moisture to wick out. Groom the pile carefully with the BRUSH.

  • Ø  Place a new dry towel over the damp stain area. Place WEIGHT over the towel. You want to leave this UNTOUCHED for 24 hours so that anything in the fibers will wick into the towel.

  • Ø  Repeat steps if needed. Prop area up afterwards so that the inside fibers dry completely. This may take a day or two. It is VERY important to allow those interior fibers to dry completely.


    Ø Same carpet cleaning steps as above EXCEPT substitute VINEGAR+WATER for the cool water.

    Ø If you see a lot of color movement, then STOP and pack the area with CORN STARCH to help absorb the moisture. Lay a towel over the area with weight on it. Let it sit untouched for at least 24 hrs. then break up the powder and vacuum up.

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