TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co is backed by over 18 years of providing guaranteed satisfaction to our residential and commercial homeowners in Castle Rock Co. TLC's carpet cleaning service work is done inside your home or office, an dour area rugs can be cleaned in the convenience of your own home.

Our carpet cleaning services can begin with a free estimate of your home carpets and upholstery. This includes a a walk thru to identify problem spots and stains and provide you with a an assessment of the condition of the carpets as well as cost estimate of the work to be done.

TLC's trained and experienced carpet cleaning technicians start work, an environmentally safe heated carpet carpet cleaning enzymes are sprayed into the carpet fibers to break away soils and dirt and bacteria thats  imbedded deep into your carpets. This is then followed by a state of the art Pro-Chem truck-mounted, hot water steam extraction process (steam cleaning), the dirt and soils are removed utilizing pressure and heat over 200 degrees so the carpet is just barely damp to the touch. During the rinsing process, a solution is used to leave the carpet fibers in a neutral state, removing all previous sticky residue. There will be nothing left but a clean carpet that is like new! Then, we provide air movers to the carpet fibers in one direction for quicker drying.

Finally, our carpet cleaning technicians provide a final walk thru and inspect the entire job with you to make sure that the car[et cleaning  is done absolutely to your satisfaction. If it is not, we will correct the problem on the spot and before we leave your home. 

For Residential Carpet Cleaning in Castle Rock Co call tlccarpetcare today 720.314.0178 and for more info visit us at