Professional Upholstery Cleaning: Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

Professional Upholstery Cleaning: Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

Professional Upholstery Cleaning: Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

The first thing you should know is that carpet cleaning methods are not the same as furniture cleaning methods. At TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock, we take great care to ensure that the method is the correct application for your the fabric of your furniture. TLC Carpet Care has a process when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing of your upholstery: remove spots, soiling, and hair, but without compromising the fabric of your upholstery. 

TLC Carpet Care will make short work of every bit of dirt, dust, crumbs, and debris hidden in the fibers. The end result is a clean fabric that you can see and touch. Like our carpet cleaning, our upholstery cleaning services dry remarkably fast and that, of course, is due to the fact that it's never very damp to begin with. Drying times vary from the type of fibers, although our low-moisture formula ensures your furniture will dry faster than cleaning your carpets.

Another major benefit to TLC Carpet Care's upholstery cleaning is lifespan. Your furniture  will last longer if it's cleaned well: take care of your furniture and it will take care of you! With our upholstery cleaning chemicals, which are specially formulated to be safe for your family, as well as our truck mount carpet cleaning equipment, you get a long-lasting clean, without the fumes and toxic chemicals that are used by other carpet cleaning companies. 

Few notes about upholstery cleaning.

Before cleaning gets underway, it's important that your upholstery cleaning tech understands how old your furniture is, if you have ever used any store bought spotters if the piece has ever been cleaned or protected before?

The benefits of cleaning an upholstered surface are plain to see. TLC Carpet Care's upholstery cleaning brings new life into your old furniture, lending a newness to the room it occupies. Not only that—there's also the additional benefit of making the upholstery itself last longer. Sofas, Chairs, couches, recliners, sectionals, Our cleaning solution has the unique ability to restore your furniture to a look and feel you might not have thought possible. Even mattress can be given new life with the removal of dirt, body oils, and other debris. Protect the investment you've made by keeping your furniture clean with TLC Carpet Care.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Upholstery 
  • To keep colors from fading, try arranging the piece of furniture so the sun does not shine directly on it.
  • Check your furniture's labels before choosing a cleaner.
  • Monthly vacuum your upholstered pieces. It isn't always as visible, but dirt is not always easily seen. 
  • Avoiding eating and drinking on upholstery. 
  • Don't let the dog or cat on the upholstery.
  • Clean the cushions and vacuum regularly when caring for your furniture. This provides an even distribution for the wear and tear a piece sustains over time.

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