Professional Cleaning For Jute Rugs: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Professional Cleaning For Jute Rugs: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Professional Cleaning For Jute Rugs: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Properly cleaning Jute rugs begins with understanding how their constructed. All jute rugs are woven and our carpet cleaning techs at TLC Carpet Care use soft brushes so not to delaminate the rug while cleaning. This process will efficiently extract all the hidden soils, debris, and all of the dirt that is deep within the yarn.

TLC Carpet Care techs have hanger that can lift and hang up the rugs in the air while using machine and brushes with stiff bristles. If your Jute Rug has spots and stains they need to be cleaned with a dry compound, unlike other rugs that usually get steam cleaned, Jute Rugs have to be dry cleaned. Using dry cleaning powders this procedure is done with no risk to the yarn for shrinking. Also powders and no toxic or aggressive cleaning chemicals.

Given these rugs’ sensitivity to water you should never ever spot clean your Jute rug with store bought spotters. These chemicals may cause discoloration and or browning that could permanently damage  rug. Only a certified carpet cleaning technician understands how to properly clean Jute rugs. So these rugs in particularly require the services of a professional carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co. 

The TLC Carpet Care cleaning technicians have been professionally cleaning Jute rugs for over 20 years. We offer our services with 100% proven and money back guarantees. Our expert dry cleaning services are available Monday Thru Friday and may take 5 to 7 business days to have your rug completed. We also offer pick up and delivery services for an additional fee.  

If you would like more info on: Professional Cleaning Jute Area Rugs visit our website at or give us a call at 720-314-0178 

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