Professional Carpet Cleaning Services: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


There are many reasons, why TLC Carpet Care Rock Co provides the best carpet cleaning services. We use hot solution over 200 degrees, soft ph balanced water, and our proprietary enzymes is sprayed into your carpet. Then, we use our six jet  wand loosens and lifts dirt and dust from the carpet, without the toxic chemical cleaning methods. Also, the drying time is faster, because it sucked 95 percent water from the carpet. This means that no soap residue left in your fibers. 

At TLC Carpet Care, we also know that each situation of any carpet cleaning is different, that’s why we started our carpet cleaning service with a complete walk thru and inspection of your carpets, taking into account the type and brand of carpet and areas of heavy soil or high traffic area. After that, our carpet cleaning technicians use steam cleaning process to remove all soil and debris that may or may not be visible by naked eye.

Our powerful truck-mount system, mounted in the van removes most of the moisture from the carpet, but it may still be moist to the touch. It is fine to walk on it, but not just in your street shoes. You can speed up the drying time with a fan or air conditioning. Only be sure to leave the pads in place, while the carpets and furniture are completely dry to avoid the transmission of color. And be careful not to slip on the stairs and areas of wet carpet.

TLC Carpet Care's services is fast, convenient and a carpet cleaning company you can rely on. Your carpets and upholstery is back to normal in no time. Even, we return the furniture to its previous place. There is a high standard of carpet cleaning for several reasons TLC Carpet Care sets standards for the residents in Castle Rock Co.

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