Professional Carpet Cleaning Process: Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

Professional Carpet Cleaning Process: Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

Professional Carpet Cleaning Process: Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co


TLC Carpet Care's carpet cleaning process is designed to provide you with the best carpet cleaning results and service. Our certified technicians are IICRC trained and follow the industry standard guidelines for carpet cleaning. TLC Carpet Care is a professional carpet cleaning company in Castle Rock Co.

TLC Carpet Care's carpet cleaning process includes:

  • Walk Thru-Inspection Our techs will walk through the rooms to be cleaned with you and address any problem spots or troubled areas on your carpets. This will help us understanding what your concerns and cleaning needs are.

  • Vacuuming the rooms to be cleaned. Commercial vacuuming removes 90 % of the dry dirts and contaminates embedded in your carpets. Some soils can not be broken down with cleaning enzymes.

  • Furniture movement. TLC Carpet Care is able to move some light furniture in your Castle Rock home in order to clean under furniture. When there is metal or stained legs your furniture will have plastic tabs or styrofoam blocks placed under the feet to prevent furniture bleed or rust stains while the carpets dry.

  • Steam Cleaning. Your carpets will be pre-treated with a professional carpet hydro force first. This step will break down soils and allow the soil to be lifted for extraction.

  • Acidic Rinsing. Soil is now extracted using a rinsing agent that includes an acid rinse. This helps to neutralize of your carpet and will leave your carpets soft and residue free.

  • Post Treatments. After rinsing has been completed, any remaining spots are now treated using specialized chemicals depending on the complexity of stain.

  • Commercial Air Fans are placed on your carpets to help lessen the drying time. These fans direct airflow down on the carpet surface and extend out 360 degrees to lessen the drying area. Carpets that use fans typically dry within 2 to 4 hours depending on humidity and indoor airflow.

  • Grooming. The last step in the cleaning is grooming of the carpet fibers. This helps to give a plush look to your carpet and helps with the drying process by leaving the fibers in a upright position so air can flow thru the fibers.

For more info on Professional Carpet Cleaning Process visit us at and to schedule a carpet cleaning call us at 720-314-0178