Professional Carpet Cleaning For Pet Stains: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Professional Carpet Cleaning For Pet Stains: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Professional Carpet Cleaning For Pet Stains: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co 


Castle Rock pet owners do not have to allow their pets to damage carpeting in their homes. Many cats and dogs alike can have  accidents that can be cleaned right away with TLC Carpet Care's pet stain treatments. buying TLC Carpet Care's bottle of pet stain removal so that you have it on hand along with giving your carpets a professional cleaning on quarterly schedule is the best way to keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh.

Have the best carpet cleaning product in your pantry when an accident happens jeeps you prepared.  Pet Solution treatments designed specifically for removing urine stains and and digesting pet odors will keep you equipped and ready when pet accidents happen.  Don’t worry about price. TLC Carpet Care's spotter are only $ 19.99 a bottle and you ca also buy it by the gallon.

Do remember pet urine should be cleaned up ASAP.  The longer they are allowed to stand,  the further the urine will spread deeper in the fibers, and the harder they will be to remove once it's gets deep.  when it comes tp pet stools use paper towel to pick up and remove stools from the carpet. Generously apply the bottle of TLC Carpet Care cleaner and dwell for 10 minutes then gently blot up any remaining stool and let the carpet. 

 Vacuum twice a week,  and stay on top of accidents and schedule regular professional carpet cleanings.
With TLC Carpet Care you can keep your carpet looking clean and smelling fresh at all times, 

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