Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Remove Pet Stains: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Remove Pet Stains: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Remove Pet Stains: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Castle Rock Pet owners have the ongoing task of cleaning up after their family pets and all their little potty messes. Our furry friends often don’t make it outside to their required potty area and many times, your carpet becomes a victim. Over time your carpets will become stained with urine and the ammonia odors that grow ever worse and get set in your padding. For those who wonder if a professional cleaning service can help, TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock will share how professional carpet cleaners deal with pet stains and odors.

 Pet Urine Stains

It is better to clean pet urine as they occur to help soak up so it doesn't settle into the padding and also to reduce the appearance of stains and prevent ammonia odors. However, for those times when you are unaware of your pets behavior and you can’t see the location  of their last potty, over time the ammonia gasses in the urine will create bacteria which causes off gassing. This gassing is released into the air circulating in your house and now you’re breathing it into your lungs. Bacteria from urine don’t just cause an unpleasant odor. They can also be the source of healthy and problems for people with respiratory issues. When you are no longer able to maintain or clean up after your pet’s accidents, it is time to call TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co.

Carpet Stain Pretreatment

When you call TLC Carpet Care and you advise them of your pet’s location of accidents we will inspect the carpet. We will evaluate your carpet and determine the best chemical for cleaning the carpet and killing the bacteria. We may ask you for the location of the pet stains. Often Bio-treatments are required before they begin the carpet cleaning to ensure the yellowing from urine and the ammonia are eliminated. Pre-treatment may include pretreating major pet stains first and targeting the bacteria. This is done with a combination of carpet cleaning chemicals to help remove the urine stains and the smell. After pre-treatment of the pet stains, we will steam clean the entire carpeted area.

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

After the carpet has been pre-treated, the carpet cleaning technician will steam clean to remove all of the soil and debris out of the carpet. There are two major carpet cleaning methods: one is steam cleaning and the other is dry-chem cleaning. Each varies in their carpet cleaning approach. Dry cleaning is a carpet cleaning process that uses a chemicals to break up the dirt out of the carpet and hoping it rises to the surface of the carpet. During the process, the carpet portable machine extracts the dirt and particles out of the carpet and even helps dry the carpet within an hour. TLC Carpet Care uses Steam Cleaning with Truck-mounts in the van and applies bio-enzymes that actually digest and kill the bacteria. The carpet cleaning machines are more powerful than portables and unlike dry cleaning, steam cleaning gets all the way to the backing killing bacteria that's hidden deep in the fibers. 

As your cats and dogs have their accidents, and you need help removing your pet stains and odors, TLC Carpet Care can help. We provide many carpet cleaning services and can help clean those accidents our pets may have left behind. Call TLC Carpet Care today 720.314.0178 and for more info on Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Remove Pet Stains you can visit us at