Pet Problems Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Pet Problems Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

pet odor and stain removal services in Huntington Beach

Has your cats or dogs left your carpets or area rugs stinky with pet odor & stains?

Other carpet cleaning companies all SAY they can remove pet odors and pet stains from your carpets or furniture, but have you ever hired someone to come try it, only to have them get some – or none – of the stains or smells out?

Did you know that almost ALL of the in store carpet cleaning chemicals that are available on the market for removing pet stains or pet odor won't work, some may do more harm than good. 

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co have come up with a pet stain removal and pet odor removal bio-modifier enzymes that is in contrast to what other carpet cleaning companies in Castle Rock Co tells you should do; as a matter of fact, when TLC Carpet Care has tried to explain this technique to other carpet cleaners – they will still to use these enzymes.

The Secret to Removing Pet Odor and Stains – Especially Cat Urine – from Your Carpetpet odor stain removal

What most Castle Rock carpet cleaners do is clean the carpet normally, like they would anything else – and maybe use an odor neutralizer to the spots and stains that have been sprayed or soiled.

The problem is, that is like spraying air freshner on your carpets  where there is a urine in the corner; once the air freshner goes away – there is still urine in the corner!

In order to remove pet odors and stains out of your carpets– like dog urine, which is the worst and toughest to remove – you have to penetrate down into the carpet fibers, padding – and sometimes even into the wood carpet strips that hold you carpet down – neutralize and then break down the chemicals and enzymes that are in the pet urine.

Only after you have completed these carpet cleaning process– and cleaned the carpets and thoroughly dried them – can expect the pet odors and stains to be removed.

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