Pet Odor Removal Tips in Castle Rock Co: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Pet Odor Removal Tips in Castle Rock Co: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Pet ODOR REMOVAL TIPS IN Castle Rock Co: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

You love your pets, and your house. TLC Carpet Care carpet cleaning technicians are experts at pet odor removal.

You can count on the pet odor removal experts at TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock to remove the urine and Pet Stain Odor Removal from your Castle Rock home. Our carpet cleaning system has worked to eliminate countless urine stains from carpet, rugs and upholstery. TLC‘s enzyme based Pet Urine Removal Treatment is the most effective way to extract pet odors because it works to clean deep the carpet fibers of your carpets.

Our carpet cleaning products has been specifically made to eliminate urine, stool and other pet danders from the carpets and upholstery in the Castle Rock homes of our clients. It has shown outstanding results on even the most chronic urine and bacteria affected carpets. Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your carpets and fabrics while also creating an unhealthy indoor air quality.

In most situations, there are usually two reason why you may experience odors associated with pet urine. The first comes from the bacteria that spreads deep into the backing of a warm, dark places with a never-ending source of food to thrive on. Ammonia gases and waste fumes from the decomposing urine and stool creates an unpleasant and overpowering odor released in the air in your home that if smelled once is always bothersome. The other source of odor is a chemical odor that is present even when the bacteria have been killed, this is what we call in the carpet cleaning industry off gassing and why it is necessary to go beyond normal carpet cleaning but sanitizing the stain in order to neutralize the gasses from the urine. When the chemical makes contact with the source of the odor, it then begins digesting that destroys the odor of the urine permanently.

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