Pet Odor Digestive Enzymes: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Pet Odor Digestive Enzymes: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

 Pet Odor Digestive Enzymes: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co 


Many store bought carpet cleaning products have been made that claim to deal with urine odor and other bad odor issues. There carpet cleaning chemicals have a lot of soap and are high in ph levels, deodorizers, enzymes, and many other pet odor removal products out there, but do they really kill the bacteria and remove the odor? We’ve found that many of them claim that you can simply spray the product and the odor will go away. In truth many of them just cover up the stain and you think its gone. 

Masking Agents – Just as the name says, a masking agent that TLC Carpet Care uses is called Urine Stain Remover and its simple masks the odor and doesn’t really do anything but cover the odor up for a while. It has to be applied over and over again to keep up with the ammonia gasses being released. This is not the best for three reasons – the first reason is the price. It is very expensive to purchase a Urine Stain Remover over and over again with no real results. The second reason is that when you apply any odor removal solution to urine you are changing the chemical structure of the urine itself making it more difficult to extract. 

Molecular Agents – These type of odor removal chemicals  work on the  molecular level. How it works is a malodor smelling molecule will bond chemically bond with the urine to remove molecule to create an odorless molecule. To put it in laymen's terms, the molecular agents chemicals  block out the bad odor. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co found that these products do work quite well, however one major issue we see is that when using Molecular chemicals, the actual source of the odor isn’t being removed from the carpet. TLC Carpet Care believes the carpet should healthy and thoroughly cleaned.

Enzyme Treatments – Enzymes are great at digesting bacteria and their job is to find out bad bacteria such as the kind in urine salts that causes ammonia gases to be released in the air. When the digestive enzymes encounter the bad bacteria they begin to break it down at the cellular level and eat which destroys the malodor causing bacteria. Enzymes are an excellent investment when it comes to pet odor removal and is what we mainly utilize to attack pet urine odor.

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