Not All Truck Mounts Are The Same: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Not All Truck Mounts Are The Same: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Not all Carpet Cleaning Truck Mounts Are The Same:   Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co                                                               



Here at TLC Carpet Care located in Castle Rock Co, we strive to provide the best carpet cleaning truck mount technology available in our industry. If you have had your carpets cleaned in the past, then you know that different carpet cleaning companies use many different carpet cleaning machines and processes and that this can be a more confusing to the Castle Rock consumer. When calling a carpet cleaning company in Castle Rock you have many questions about carpet cleaning technology.  After all this is your carpets we are cleaning, your either spending your entire day working from home or its the place where your kids and pets roam. 

 TLC Carpet Care understands clean is important to you. We understand you want the best machines at the best price. This is where TLC Carpet Care comes in. We offer the best carpet cleaning machines  and always take our time to do the job right.

Not all truck mounts are the same. TLC Carpet Care uses ProChem TruckMounts, there like the Mercedes of Truck mounts. Our cleaning system heats the water over 220 degrees which helps break up all soils and kills bacteria and viruses. The Process truck mount also delivers PSI at 500 which that pressure also helps flush out all contaminants. The carpet cleaning machine then completely extracts 95% of all moisture leaving your carpets clean and dry in a matter of hours.

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