Is My Carpet Really dirty, How Can I Tell? Carpet Cleaning Castle RocK

Is My Carpet Really dirty, How Can I Tell? Carpet Cleaning Castle RocK

Is my Carpet Really Dirty, How Can I Tell? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock


A carpet that is not cleaned on at least on an annual basis may be harming your carpets without you realizing it. Your carpets can be filled with harmful contaminates even if it looks clean. This is because a lot of dirt can settle in the backing of your carpet without you being able to see it. For example, a people can release skin cells and your pets can releases dander and bacteria which is that can be present in the carpet.

Most peoples vacuum cleaners can be partially clogged without them knowing it and this can just recirculate the dirt in your carpet rather than extracting it, and this can cause things to settle deeper in your carpets.


If you own pets, wether cats or dogs, even if you think they are house broken they can still have accidents that you may not be aware of. This slow build up of urine and or stool can eventually cause odors and become a lingering problem and the longer it goes on the worse it will be and harder to eliminate. 

If you have young children they to can be the source of a lot of spills, especially from food and beverage spills. Even when people try to clean up the spills they do it incorrectly. more often than not they try scrubbing to stain which can cause the the food and beverage spills to go further down into the backing of the carpets. These types of deposits can cause microscopic mold growth, which in time can become a serious health issue for you and your carpets. 

In conclusion many things can settle in the back of your carpets in such away that they are not seen with the naked eye. To be safe from unseen contaminates have your carpets professionally clean at least once a year and twice a year if common areas if you have kids and pets.

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