Steam Cleaning How often should I Clean my Carpets Part 1.

Steam Cleaning How Often Should I Clean my Carpets in Castle Rock, CO Part 1

How often should I clean my carpets? This is a question I here more often than not.their is fact and their is Misconceptions.

Lets start with facts. First you should always clean at least once a year to keep in with your m manufactures warranty. Not Cleaning your carpets in this time frame can void your warranty.Next lets talk common sense. Frequency of cleaning also depends on the amount of activity in the home. If your a senior or empty nester then you can probably get away with once a year cleaning, however if you gave kids and pets you may need to clean twice a year if not quarterly.

Also pay attention to your level of soiling this is also an indication of how often you should clean your carpets.

Ok here's where this misconceptions come in. Oh if I clean my carpets too much I will ruin the carpets. This could not be futher from the truth.

Let me be clear you cannot over Clean your carpets. What ruins ypour carpets is allowing dirt and soil to build up in your carpets. Dirts abrasive its like sandpapper grinding away at your fibers and destroying them. Soil has Nitrogen and when you allow it to bond with the yarn it chemically alters the dye structure. This is how carpets get stained.

I will give you one last point in case. I had to cleints who were neighbors and built their homes at the same time. Client A wasted no time keeping up with his carpet cleaning. Client B thought if you cleaned your carpets to much they would be ruined. Five years later Client A carpets still look brand new. Client B carpets now show irreversable wear and oxidation. I hope this has been inlightning and helpful. you can check out a page on on a frequency of cleaning page thats more definetive. If you have any questions on how often to clean your carpets in Castle Rock, CO you can call Kyle at TLC Carpet Care. 720.314.0178

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