So when it's time to move out of the house and you think you won't need to clean the carpets but then you've move the beds, couches and tables only to find that the carpet has dents from where your furniture was setting. Well what do you do now? A simple vacuum cleaning won't help. Looks like it's time to call a professional carpet cleaner.

Now there are a couple DYI options to remove dents,  but if your not careful and you don't know what your doing you cause additional damage to the fibers.

  1. How To Avoid This?   Try to prevent them in the first place, rotate your furniture when your vacuum if possible every now and then,  so your furniture is not laying in the same place long enough for the weight to make the dents deep in your carpets.  This can give your carpets a break as well so your not allowing the same traffic patters to develop. Carpet will rise back if the furniture is not left for a long time. 
  2. Place Coasters underneath legs: Another way to help prevent dents is to place plastic coasters underneath the legs of the furniture. Place coasters under the feet so that the weight is distributed over a wider circumference so the dents will not be as deep. and will relax much easier. This works well for beds, heavy dressers and living room furniture. Also try sitting on different positions on the couch periodically so that the weight gets distributed differently. 
  3. There are two other methods of either using heat for ice to get the carpet to relax thus allowing the fibers to become more plush and rise back up. 
  4. Call a professional carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co as they have truck-mount technology that can heat the carpets to over 220 degrees, thus correcting the problem. 

One thing worth noting the heavier a piece of furniture is like a Pool Table and Chine Hutch and the longer it's been sitting there the more likely the dents may become permanent. 

Sometimes professional steam cleaning and carpet repair is the only way to get the dent to rise again. Also, the difference in color in the carpet is due soiling and sun bleaching , which needs to be professionally cleaned to get it looking even and brand new again.

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