How To Properly Clean Upholstery & Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How To Properly Clean Upholstery & Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How to Properly Clean Upholstery & Carpets

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO


Here's what TLC Carpet Care follows when we provide carpet and upholstery cleaning service for our Castle Rock clients.

  • Identify the carpet and upholstery fiber: This is important cause every fiber has a sensitivity to ph and chemical applications. Synthetic and natural fibers like cotton or wool are each cleaned differently, pose their own risk if not cleaned properly, and require specific chemicals.The label must also be looked at to determine if water or solvent, either or, thou sometimes can safely be applied by dry clean only.
  • Inspect the carpet and fabrics: You should know what to expect from the cleaning. The carpet cleaning  technician should go over the carpets and fabrics with you, showing you areas that are soiled, damaged, or have dye changes. If a technician feels something may not clean well they will be forthcoming. 
  • Test for color-fastness: Dyes of color must be checked to see if they could possibly bleed. This can be done with the back of a cushion with a terry cloth, checking each color on furniture with cotton or wool. If the piece is in the sun, an area that gets lots of sunlight should be checked also, because sunlight can make the dyes less stable and cause bleeding.
  • Pre-vacuum: Vacuum all of the contaminates and soil on carpet and upholstery making the cleaning solutions more able to penetrate the fibers.
  • Pre-treat: The carpets and upholstery should be hit with an carpet and upholstery approved pre-spray .
  • Agitation: The pre-spray should be gently scrubbed in. For Carpets an carpet rake. For upholstery a brush. This will loosen the maximum amount of soil.
  • Hot Steam extraction: Make sure your technician is using an extraction handle with the water jet located inside the vacuum chamber. This is the tool that will flush out the soils and extract them immediately instead of pushing them deep into the cushions.
  • Apply Fabric Protection: This is important to maintain the protection of carpets and furniture. It will protect from spills and body oils, making spot cleaning more effective, slow the buildup of oils, and make maintenance cleanings more easier. 
  • Brush the nap: Brush out the fabric will make it plush and be faster drying time.
  • Dry with fans: Colors are most likely to bleed while their still wet, and wool and cotton fibers will brown if they are wet for a long period of time. A TLC Carpet Care will prevent these problems by drying your upholstery.

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