How TLC Carpet Care Cleans: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How TLC Carpet Care Cleans: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How TLC Carpet Care Cleans:Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Believe it or not a lot of Castle Rock homeowners with carpeting in their home or commercial property are not aware of the need to have it thoroughly cleaned on a annual basis. But the fact is that as durable as polyester and Nylon carpeting you just can't clean with house hold products. they need a particular type of carpet cleaning product in order to properly clean to look vibrant and maintain healthy fibers. Also, your carpet and padding acts as the largest filter in your entire house trapping soils and bacteria that the naked eye can't see.

A dry vacuuming of your home or office will generally do an ok job of removing surface dirt and dust along with some contaminates that can be brought in from tracking in and out. What it won’t do is address the other critters residing deep inside the pile that are invisible to the naked eye but affect the home or office air environment. These unwelcome bugs include dust mites. TLC's Carpet Care's carpet cleaning process gets deep into your carpet's fibers with steam and pressure forces no portable could ever replicate to extract these critters. Before we start the truck-mount though, there are a few interim steps we need to take to prepare your carpet including:

  • Walk Thru - By ensuring that we know exactly what brand of carpet and type of fibers we’re cleaning with we make sure we use the proper carpet cleaning chemicals  that will help us achieve optimal cleanliness at the end of the process.
  • Pre-Condition - This part of the process breaks up stubborn deep-seated contaminates and bacteria as well as spills so the steam wand can do its job more effectively. In essence it’s akin to soaking your dishes before washing them.
  • Agitation (if needed) - Heavier traffic areas sometimes calls for a preliminary scrub to aid in de-flocculation and removal of debris from carpet fibers.
  • Dwell Time- To allow sufficient time for applied enzymes to break down soils.

Once the the beginning set up is complete it’s time to put our truck mounted steam cleaning systems to work. This truck-mount carpet cleaning brings the clean in ways a portables can’t hope to replicate and consists of:

  • A self-contained hot water heat exchangers.
  • An injection system to introduce enzymes into the heated water.
  • A high-pressure water pump that delivers the hot water at 500 Psi and cleaning chemicals directly into the yarn of the carpet.
  • A vacuum extraction to remove the waste water and chemicals.
  • A vacuum hose to remove the waste water and residue from the home or office.
  • A waste tank in the van that holds the waste water for disposal.

The benefit of our truck mounted carpet cleaning technology is the quick breakdown and cleanup. With no portable carpet cleaning machines to bring into and out of your home or commercial property and all byproducts moved quickly and efficiently away from the work area there is virtually no cleanup to do once the carpet cleaning is done. TLC Carpet Care simply reels our hoses back to the truck and we’re done.

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