How Much Should You Clean Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

How Much Should You Clean Your Carpets: Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Carpets? Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

When it comes to vacuuming, TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co recommends to do it weekly. If the carpet sustains a lot of in and out traffic, then the need for vacuuming increases, but it is not enough to keep your carpets clean. Even after using the vacuum weekly, you cannot get the same results as TLC Carpet Care. Hiring carpet cleaning professional help is a requirement. If you are thinking about how frequently to clean carpet in your Castle Rock home, the answer is twice a year. To be more exact, you can keep your carpeting in the best shape by booking a professional cleaner at least every quarter. It is the recommended frequency for getting your carpets steam cleaned. Keep in mind that every piece doesn't have the same fiber. So, clean according to their type.


Considerations To Cleaning Frequency

Multiple considerations on how often should you clean your carpet. Some manufactures require professional cleaning after the first year, while some won't need it till later. To know about the frequency of cleaning, you should consider the following:


Having boys or girls isn't easy. They like to run in every corner and create a mess on your carpets. Carpets are also amongst the long list of things that kids spill things on. From dropping food to walking in dirty shoes, there are so many ways that kids can get the carpets dirty. Therefore, the need for a carpet cleaning process. If you have children  in your home, then vacuum the carpets daily. There will be enormous amounts of leftover food items, dirt, and contaminates on them that need to be vacuumed. After every six months, you will need to use spot cleaning as well. Even with both of these solutions, the process isn't finished. To retain that shine, you will need to contact TLKC Carpet Care at 720-314-0178 every 8-12 months.


Allergies in Your Home

Dust and particles can easily be trapped in carpets, so allergic family members must use vacuum cleaners every day. Moreover, these vacuums must have HEPA filters, which effectively remove allergens and dust particles. Being allergic to dust, you need to be extremely careful when vacuuming, wear a mask. Steaming the surface with cleaning solutions after every two months will make the atmosphere cleaner.


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Cats & Dogs

The concern with pets is much more unpredictable than kids. Their dirty paws are enough to form huge stains on your expensive carpets. Even worse, they can transfer dander, lice, and even parasites onto the carpets. Oh and the pet hair, In such conditions, daily vacuuming is a must. You also need to deep clean carpets every 6 months. Cleaning up pet stains isn't easy. Pet owners must know how often their carpet should be professionally cleaned to maintain the health of their carpets. Delaying the cleanup process will cause permanent damage.


Warranty Facts

New carpets come with a specific warranty that has cleaning instructions that need to be followed. Every Castle Rock homeowner is advised on how many times their purchase needs cleaning. Most of the time, it's once every year. However, if the carpet is delicate, then the time frame can change.