How Frequent Should My Carpets Be Professionally Cleaned: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How Frequent Should My Carpets Be Professionally Cleaned: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How Frequent Should My Carpets be Professionally Cleaned: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


As a professional carpet cleaning company in Castle Rock Co for over 20 years, I get many questions daily asked of me about how frequent should carpets be cleaned? This is a common question that Castle Rock homeowners want to know. Most people think you should wait to clean your carpets when it looks really dirty. This is not true. Cause by that time when it has gotten to that point, the damage is done and it's usually permanemt. 

When do you go to the doctor? Only when sick or an annual for a check up ? The usual answer will be the only when sick which is a mistake. We like to take care of health and we should want to take care of our carpets. 

What you may not know. Carpets are like giant filters for everything from soils, mud bacteria, pollens, debris, dead skin, pet hair, food spills, and so on, you get the point. Everything that you bring in from outside tracks on your shoes, gets hidden deep in the carpets. It was designed to hide everything. Vacuuming is a regular maintenance that should be done at least twice a week especially if you have pets. This will help your carpets empty their filter. The more you vacuum, the longer your carpets will stay clean. But, professional hot water extraction steam cleaning from a carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock is necessary to remove everything else that the vacuum cleaner won't. 

So how often should I clean? 

Every 6-12 months!   This is the average Castle Rock home of 2 adults, 2 kids and a dog should be cleaning their family room and stairs. This is how often we see our regular clients who want to keep there carpets in great condition. They are cleaning and reapplying carpet teflon protection to all the rooms. By being on this twice a year schedule, the soil doesn't have time to build up on the fiber and cause matting, spotting and permanent damage to the carpets. Most carpet manufactures like Shaw Industries put in their warranties that every year is required to keep your warrantee. Of coarse every home enviorenment is different. A home with seniors who has no pets, is far less likely to have heavy soiled carpets compared to the home with full family and pets. So again we see the average home maintaining there carpets every 8-12 months, seniors perhaps just once a year unless there is a wheel chair in the home.

Did you know that walking on soiled carpets is causing damage?

Yes it is! Dirt is just like sand paper cutting away at the fibers. So the more you walk on them, the more damage happens to your carpet fibers. A carpet that is not vacuumed and  steam cleaned on a regular basis will wear out and look visually damaged in half the time as one that is not cleaned properly.  

Solution to the problem?

Vacuum 2 times a week and schedule profession carpet cleaning  and reapply carpet protection to your carpets every 6-12 months. Then your carpets will stay clean, look great and last for years. 

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