Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

While cleaning your carpet is important to keep up your manufactures warantee, from a good house keeping perspective, there are a variety of reasons to have the carpets in your home cleaned on for health reasons.

First, there's a lot of dust in your home, from a multitude of sources and with family members with allergies carpet cleaning can provide relief. Dust will get trapped in your vents and in the carpet, which can help keep the air in your home cleaner. However, just like any type of air filter that can get clogged the carpet needs to be cleaned often so that the dust, bacteria and contaminates that has been caught by the carpet gets cleaned. This allows the carpet to better filter dust and other allergens in the future, which in turn makes the air quality healthier for your home.

In addition, carpet cleaning needs to be done on at least twice a year to maintain their expected lifespan and warantee. When you take care of and keep your carpet clean, they'll be healthier for your kids, pets and last longer. That's why it's important to have a professional carpet cleaner like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co to come into your home about twice a year.

TLC Carpet Care also provides commercial carpet cleaning for your business. If you're in need of a carpet cleaning company we do offer routine maintenance options. Please give TLC Carpet Care a call.

TLC's Carpet Cleaning Guarantee

We are so sure of our carpet cleaning services that we guarantee that you will get results. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our carpet cleaning, we will do whatever we can to make you happy. We will work with you to ensure your satisfaction. TLC Carpet Care will provide money back guarantee.

What You Should Know about Carpet Cleaning

When TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co arrive at your home, we'll make sure that you understand what to expect with the cleaning services being provided. We'll then move light furniture to provide a thorough, deep cleaning wall to wall.  However, some heavier furniture  may not be moved, such as entertainment centers or china hutches.

To start cleaning, we pre-vacuum the entire carpet. This is an important step that allows us to pickup any loose soil and hair that's on the carpet. Next we'll apply our enzyme based carpet cleaning solution to the carpet. Our carpet cleaning enzymes does not have any harsh chemicals. they  are natural ingredients are safe for kids, pets, and all your family members. Once our enzymes is applied, any soil or grime will be digested and extracted, allowing us to pick it up with our powerful carpet cleaning equipment. If there are any areas that need special attention, we additional chemicals that may be required.

When we're done with the carpet cleaning, we'll move the furniture back. We also place small plastic tabs under the legs of furniture to prevent stain bleeding from transferring onto the carpet  fibers as it dries.

The last step our carpet cleaning technicians rake the carpet and groom the carpets as this helps the carpet fibers to be plush, the carpet dries faster, and will help make your carpet look like new again.

For more info on Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned call TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock at 720.314.0178 and yo can also visit us at tlccarpetcare.net