Furniture Cleaning: Carpet and Furniture Cleaning Castle Rock CO

Furniture Cleaning: Carpet and Furniture Cleaning Castle Rock CO

Furniture Cleaning: Carpet and Furniture Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Furniture endures just as soil, food spills body oils and just as much wear and tear as your carpets. Especially when your family has multiple kids and pets and gets a ton of traffic and use. When cushions are shared, soil and germs can easily spread. Typically furniture can dull quickly and needs regular upholstery cleaning to keep your home looking beautiful and clean.

TLC Carpet Care uses state-of-the-art truckmount carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals to deep clean everything from sofa's, love seats, and chairs to furniture made with delicate, dry-clean-only cotton fabrics. TLC Carpet Care's upholstery cleaning process will remove body oils and spots so your family are more comfortable and you can have peace of mind.

Regular cleaning will also:

  • Eliminate dust mites,
  • Reduce allergens and pollens to improve your indoor air quality,
  • Eliminate bacteria that cause odors,
  • Extend the life of your furniture
  • Help prevent staining from future spills that can cause oxidation and damage.

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co recommend professional upholstery cleaning every 6 to 12 months, or as needed, seniors will need less cleaning than active families with kids and pets. Whether a one-time cleaning or TLC's maintenance program, our caring staff of technicians will work diligently to develop a personalized upholstery cleaning package tailored just for you that and your unique cleaning needs, services available include:

  • Spot removal, urine and odor removal and Dupont Teflon,
  • Cleaning high traffic areas and soil infiltration,
  • Free quotes and estimates
  • Proper carpet inspection and expectations. 

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