Five Step Spot Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Five Step Spot Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

 Five Step Spot Carpet Cleaning: carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

For most common food and drink spills

What you'll use to clean:

  • A Scooping device
  • Clean white terry cloth or dye free towels
  • A sponge
  • Some cold water and baking soda
  • Non-bleach mild odorless cleaner
  • A little muscle
  1. Scoop up as much of the spot our spill as possible. Blot the excess with a clean white terry cloth or dye free towel. Don’t scrub and fray! (Blot from the outer edge of the spot blotting towards the center to keep spill from spreading. Continue this carpet cleaning process until the spot  is removed.
  2. Using a clean white terry cloth, apply cold water to staining a mist spray bottle. Gently rub deep into fiber of the carpet from left to right and right to left. Blot until dry.
  3. If the stain remains, apply a solution of water and baking soda (one table spoon to one quart of water) over the entire stain and to the bottom of the pile. Blot only don not scrub or fray.
  4. Rinse with cold water until all the baking soda is removed. Gently rub deep into the pile from left to right and right to left. Blot thoroughly until no longer see any baking soda or stain and to prevent the spot from resurfacing. Repeat the previous carpet cleaning steps until the stains is gone.
  5. Absorb the remaining moisture with a few layers of clean white terry cloth or dye free towels and press down to absorb all moisture. When carpet is dry, vacuum to restore the fibers to a plush look.

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