Does Your House Smell Like Pet Odor: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Does Your House Smell Like Pet Odor: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co  



Worried Your Castle Rock Home smells like pet odor?  Your friends and family may be too discreet to tell you…Even worse maybe you've gotten use to it you don't know how bad it is?
Are you afraid that your mother in law maybe bothered by the hair, urine stains, or pet odor? Do you smell pet dander  sometimes? Do you have just a big yellow stain? Maybe you aren’t even sure but would like a professional carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock to look at it for you?
Pets leave behind a variety of odors from dander, urine and feces, and of course you have cats that marking spray. Pet hair and dander can cause severe allergies within humans, and the oil from pet hair attracts dirt and can cause a lot of odor in your carpet. All that is just a breeding ground for bacteria 
Do you have areas where the dog chewed or cats have clawed the carpet? We have carpet repair techs that can fix damage from dogs, cats, and especially ferrets.  As Castle Rock homeowner with pets I know a thing or two about pet issues in our own home. This means that we specialize in carpet inspection and offer Pet Stain and Odor Packages. 

Many of our Castle Rock customers thought they would have to buy knew carpet or get rid of their pets to be able to enjoy their homes free from embarrassing pet stains and odors. However TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock is trained and certified in cleaning and reversing said damage. We have black lights to pinpoint the exact location of the odor causing bacteria. We have scientifically designed chemicals and techniques to thoroughly extract all of the contamination, any urine damage and bring you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your carpets and rugs are fresh and clean. We remove the odor, the hair, and the stain and repair the damage to save our Castle Rock customers money in replacement costs.
We can do the same for you!
CALL TLC Carpet Care  TODAY at 720-314-1078 for a Free Inspection and look us up at and see Does your house smell like pet odor. 

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