Does My House Smell? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Does My House Smell? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

 DOES MY HOUSE SMELL? carpet Cleaning Castle rOck Co


We all love our furry family members don't we, but after a while without realizing it is my Castle Rock home beginning to smell? I can't smell anything.Then one day as your entertaining a guest walks in your home you can't help but notice that unpleasant look on there face and then you realize it. Your house smells, but how come I can't smell anything? Chances are bacteria has slowly started to multiply over time that you've become immune to smelling it. You say well my pet are house trained, ya but ruin and stool accidents aren't the problem.

Lingering pet odors has their way of slowly building up in your carpets. Cats and dogs alike can carry pollens, bacteria in from outside into your home and this odor can begin linger no matter how frequent you may vacuum your carpets. Don't get me wrong vacuuming helps but it's simply not enough. 

See the problem isn't just pet hair and the dirt they track in, it's dander that is the real culprit and a dogs and cats alike can release a lot of dander and your carpet can do a great job of hiding it, but after time it can really release odor from something you may not even see.

Our fluffy friends don't sweat like we do. Dogs for example sweat thru the pores of their paws, and they also sweat their coat hair which contains natural dander. Dogs also release body oils oil which is healthy for their coat, but that  oil also can turn into bacteria once in your carpets. Your dogs are going to walk, run, play and lay down on your carpets and this transfer is inevitable. Eventually these pet odors begin to get stronger and stronger and you become so use to it you dont even realize its there. 

To keep the pet odors from lingering in your home, experts like TLC Carpet Care recommends keeping your cats and dogs groomed and make sure to give your dog baths, especially thru out the summer months where they maybe most active. Brushing their coat on a daily basis can help minimize dander and last but certainly not least having your carpets professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaning company like TLC Carpet Care is also recommended because steam cleaning carpets can help kill bacteria and get to the source in a way your vacuum cleaner can't. 


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