Does My Carpet Need To Be Thrown Away? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Does My Carpet Need To Be Thrown Away? Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Does My Carpet Need To Be Thrown Away?

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


At TLC Carpet Care we've seen it all, and we've cleaned the worst of soiled and neglected carpets. But can every caret be restored? The answer is no. There are rare situations where replacing your carpet may be necessary. TLC Carpet Care has some things that you should be looking for if you may think it's time to throw away that carpet. 

If your carpet is infested with bed bugs and dust mites, it’s time to call TLC Carpet Care can help with ridding your carpets from biological critters. Bed bugs, dust mites, and other pests can cause serious damage to your carpet, and they’re often difficult to see because they are microscopic. the worst part about these little guys is they can reproduce quickly. If you have a problem with bed bugs in your mattress and you want to buy a new mattress, you may wanna seriously consider cleaning if not replacing the carpets in your bedroom as well. 

If your carpet has been damaged by cats or dogs, pending on severity of damage and it's location you maybe able to patch said damage. In some situations thou it may become cost prohibitive and replacement of carpets at that point would be a solution. Damaged or loose carpet on stairs is a safety issue and could cause someone serious injury. That should be looked at right away. 

If your carpet is discolored from multiple dye or bleach stains it may be time to replace it. Carpet usually can clean spots from drinks and food spills but some of those may have dye in the food coloring and may need to be replaced.

If your carpet has recently had water damage from a flood and smells musty, it may be time to replace it the carpet and padding. Musty odors are the result of mold spores, which the IICRC at this point high recommends replacement instead of cleaning. 

When it comes to your carpet, it’s important to know when to clean and when to throw it away. If your carpet is heavily stained, infested with pests, or otherwise damaged, it’s time to call TLC Carpet Care.

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